Learning Goals for September 4-7

This week we are learning:

Reading: Students will learn how to summarize and sequence grade-level appropriate text. Students will also review story elements, as well as elements of fiction. 

Writing: Students will continue to learn and review conventions of grammar, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. 

Social Studies: Students will learn about their community, as well as review landforms.


Pep Rally Friday! Please remember to write a note for your child, if you will be picking them up for the Pep Rally.

PARENT ORIENTATION: Monday, September 10 at 5:30-6:30. Please make plans to attend!


Please join Mrs. Tatum’s and my REMIND to keep informed of all the happenings in our classrooms! 

Mrs. Tatum: text @81010 and type a29a484

Mrs. Williams text 81010, then type @44ffgc as the message.

Please let us know if you can’t get signed up!

We will use this often, A LOT! We like to keep everyone over-informed! Thank you so much!

NEW Drop Off and Take Home Procedures!


FIRST POINT: EXPECT VERY LONG LINES AND DELAYS when dropping off and picking up your child.

SECOND POINT: EXPECT LIMITED PARKING SPACES due to construction and improvements being made to our school. This has shifted the parking areas for other campuses to our area.

THIRD POINT: NO parents are allowed upstairs on the intermediate campus. Meet the Teacher will be on August 14th from 4:30-5:30.  If you cannot attend due to your work, a Parent Orientation night will be scheduled soon. School Supplies will be taken in the gym and placed on a cart to be delivered to your child’s classroom once students have been released to go upstairs.

FOURTH POINT: If you have not yet registered your child, there will be no class assignment made until BOTH Online and In-Person documents are completed. Parents will have to wait until teachers and classes have been dismissed from the gym to their classrooms before there will be staff members available to proceed with late registration. PLEASE KNOW: This may not take place until around 8:10 a.m.

Here are the student drop-off procedures that parents will need to review and know before the first day of school on Thursday morning, August 16th. There are lanes that specify BUSES ONLY, and there are lanes designated for CARS. Please watch the video below for how to use these.  Parents with Primary students ONLY will need to drop 0ff primary students on the Lower Level of the building which is the Primary Campus. Parents may not drop off students and allow them to walk across Roughneck Drive due to safety issues and construction congestion. Students may not be dropped off in the Intermediate School parking lot and allowed to walk across the parking lot to the sidewalk. This is very dangerous for your child. Students should never be dropped off earlier than 7:15. There is no school personnel available to supervise students at that time, and they will be completely unattended. Doors to the building open at 7:30.


Cursive Writing is here!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe this year is winding down! It has gone so fast and just keeps going faster! I know we talked about this at the beginning of third grade and it’s finally time! 

We are going to start learning some basic cursive writing! We will start doing the letters a, c, d and g. These will help form other letters! I am so excited to get to show you all how to use cursive! 

Here is a quick video to get you started! Be looking for examples of these cursive letters all around you!


Learning Goals for April 2-6

Happy Spring…aka…Pollen Time! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break! This week, we are continuing to review the skills we have learned throughout the year.

READING: This week, we are focusing on Inferencing information (3.12), context clue (3.4) and main idea (3.13A). These are on-going skills for our school year and we revisit practicing them as much as we can. 

Homework: nonfiction passage “Mrs. Baird’s Bread”. New vocabulary comes home. TEST is 4-13-18. 

Writing: Springtime Writing (using senses)

SPELLING TEST THURSDAY AND FRIDAY! Words came home last week. Use www.spellingcity.com/williamskwoisd  to study. 

Social Studies: Project Based Learning on Tiny Houses. 

REMEMBER: ZOO trip is Tuesday, April 10. There will be another note going home with more specific information this week. 

Learning Goals for March 26-30

This is the week before Easter! This year is going too fast! Here are the TEKS we are reviewing this week, based on the data from our last benchmarks.

Reading: 3.8A (summary/sequence) and 3.8B (characterization). We will address these needs by reviewing the benchmarks and starting OUR BOOK STUDY! We are going to read “The Chalkbox Kid” as a class. I am so excited to share this with the students!

HOMEWORK: study for vocabulary quiz on Wednesday

Writing: We will begin our writing this week by going outside to observe changes brought on by Spring!

HOMEWORK: New spelling words. 

Social Studies: We will continue work on our PBL. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: REPORT cards due Monday. Zoo permission notes due Monday. EASTER PARTY GOODIES can be brought as soon as you have them. Vocabulary test on Wednesday. WEATHER DRILL on Wednesday. Easter parties on Thursday at 8:30. 

Learning Goals March 5-9

Reading: We will learn about Media Literacy, types of media, author’s purpose of media and advertisements. 

Reading homework: continue to read 20 minutes each day. 

Writing: Using the writing process, students will brainstorm, draft, revise, edit and publish a narrative story about “My Adventure to…”.

Social Studies: Students will review President’s Day, as well as influential Americans.


March 9: End of 3rd nine weeks

Spring Break- March 12-16

Student Holiday: March 19 (teacher workday)



Learning Goals for Feb. 12-16

Happy Monday! This week we are learning the following:

Reading: Fairy Tales, Fables, Legends and Porquoi tales (3.5); Common Assessment, goes on report card (Monday)

Reading Homework: The Variety of Maps (due Friday); REMEMBER TO READ each night! New vocabulary comes home today. Use this link to practice on Quizlet. The test will be on paper next Thursday. https://quizlet.com/_4fqvhr

Language Arts (Writing): Writing text to a specific audience for a specific purpose (letters, persuasive, etc, 3.20) 3.17  Writing Process

Social Studies: Community (holiday celebration) Famous Americans   

IMPORTANT INFO: Valentine’s boxes and class Valentines are due tomorrow.