About williamsk

Hi! My name is Keila Williams! This is my first year of teaching 3rd grade and I am so excited! I have taught 1st grade for 11 years at Pine Tree. Our son is starting 4th grade in White Oak this year. I can't wait to meet all my Lil' Necks!

NEW BOGGLE challenge!

Hello and happy BOGGLE DAY! I’m attaching the new challenge letters. Mr. Williams has given you a challenge to beat him. Now, he’s pretty good at BOGGLE. The last time he played, he came up with 183 words. Seriously. I got 52 and was pretty happy with that. Remember, he had different letters than you!

Get the whole family involved and see if you can beat him! Have fun with it!

New Learning Packets Ready

Hello and happy Wednesday! As of today, March 25, new learning packets are available for pick up. These will be located outside our front door, just as last time. These are meant for the next two weeks. PLEASE don’t do all this at one time!

You are welcome to ask any questions about anything in these packets. There are new learning opportunities regarding math, so make sure you check Mrs. Tatum’s blog for help. Math pages are labeled to help you know which ones are considered priority! I’m also excited to see what everyone thinks about the project in there!

Remember, we’re all in this together. Do not let anyone feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Please communicate with us about anything! We love you all and we miss you all terribly! Mrs. Tatum and I are looking forward to another ZOOM chat again! Thank you for all you do!

We are F-A-M-I-L-Y!

Is anyone feeling overwhelmed? I know at our house, we are starting to struggle with keeping a routine (not a schedule) and our SANITY. If your kiddos need some downtime, just play, read, find math in everyday situations. All the work we are giving them is NOT mandatory. It will help but it’s optional. We’re a family and we’re here to help and support, NOT overwhelm. We love you all!

Just a side note: When you ask your ice hockey playing 14 year old to Swiffer the living room and he seems confused, telling him to ZAMBONI the living room like an ice rink works really well. #momwonthatround

BOGGLE challenge

Hello all! BOGGLE Challenge! Show me how many words you can make with with these letters! Write your words down on paper, sidewalk chalk, however you can! Ask your parents to send me a picture of your words! I’ll post mine on Tuesday! I miss you all! (I’m not sure why the picture is sideways)

You can send your pictures through REMIND or my email [email protected] I can’t wait to see what you can come up with! Keep your words because we will use them later this week!

Joining BrainpopJr.com is simple!

Happy Sunday! If you are able, please join my BrainpopJr. class. We’ll be using this for our writing this week. Please let me know if this doesn’t work. I’ve attached the directions for joining this class. Thanks so much for your support and patience!

Please go to www.brainpopjr.com, then follow the directions in the link. Thanks again!

Trying something new!

Hello! We are going to try to do a chat today through Google Meets. Now, for Mrs. Tatum and I to feel good about this, we need everyone to have parental supervision for this one today. We want to make sure that everyone has permission to chat with the other students from our class. IF this works, we will be able to EVENTUALLY post things to Google Classroom through here. If this doesn’t work, well at we tried. Here is the link for the chat, tonight, at 7:00. Chat won’t start until 7:00.

If this doesn’t work, just click the X and close the tab. No worries! Miss you all!