December 2-6

WOW! Thanksgiving has come and gone! Now, we head towards Christmas! I’m so proud of the work these kiddos are doing! This week, we are:

Reading: We are working on Main Idea. This skill takes more practice than others, so expect it to continue for the rest of 3rd grade. We are using literature, fiction and nonfiction, about reindeer to practice this. (3.9D- text features; 3.13B,CD,E,F; 3.7B,C;3.6G Main idea)

Vocabulary: tundra, bewildered, sleek, scold, steer, bulge, tangle, strain, bold, promise, lichen

Language Arts: We are still working on cursive. We will practice our cursive writing with our spelling and vocabulary words this week. Our spelling words are: elves, frosty, lights, reindeer, Santa, sleigh, snow, snowflake, tinsel, tree.

You can practice these spelling words here:

Social Studies: Financial Literacy- Be looking for a note about our Project Based Learning we start this week! Financial literacy is a fun concept to teach in third grade!


Tuesday: Note about PBL coming home; Shelter in place drill

Thursday: Library day

Friday: Spelling test; Christmas party note comes home


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