Learning Goals week of Sept. 9-13

This is all the amazing things we are learning this week! We are so proud of how hard these students are working!

Reading: Focus book: In My Momma’s Kitchen by Jerdine Nolen. This book focuses on the importance of family and traditions. High frequency words for this book is: group, never, during, inside, together, everything, brother, family, funny, street, getting, best, ready, different, special, everyone, might, between and hour. Vocabulary words for this book are: melody, scrapes, dribbles, inform, burst, serenade, gestures, frantic, squirmed, blooming  and proud. Skills we are working on this week are: 3.1C,D,E; 3.3; 3.6A; 3.9D; 3.8B; 3.7C,D; 3.10D,E. These skills encompass listening and responding appropriately to a story; recognizing unknown words using context; summary; retell, inference and author’s purpose.

vocabulary practice: https://quizlet.com/_700v0x

Language Arts: Spelling patterns: Using beginning/ middle/ ending sounds, students will make words. These skills will be checked on Friday as their spelling grade. Skills we are working on: 3.9Di, ii; 3.11A,Diii, vii, x,xi; 3.2ii

Social Studies: Begin landforms projects. This will continue through Friday. Skills learned: 3.4; 3.5


Pep Rally Friday (WO vs SH)

PICTURE DAY: September 19

Remember to email, send a note or send a REMIND if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks you so much and have a great week!


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