Learning Goals for March 26-30

This is the week before Easter! This year is going too fast! Here are the TEKS we are reviewing this week, based on the data from our last benchmarks.

Reading: 3.8A (summary/sequence) and 3.8B (characterization). We will address these needs by reviewing the benchmarks and starting OUR BOOK STUDY! We are going to read “The Chalkbox Kid” as a class. I am so excited to share this with the students!

HOMEWORK: study for vocabulary quiz on Wednesday

Writing: We will begin our writing this week by going outside to observe changes brought on by Spring!

HOMEWORK: New spelling words. 

Social Studies: We will continue work on our PBL. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: REPORT cards due Monday. Zoo permission notes due Monday. EASTER PARTY GOODIES can be brought as soon as you have them. Vocabulary test on Wednesday. WEATHER DRILL on Wednesday. Easter parties on Thursday at 8:30. 

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