Learning Goals for Oct. 30-Nov.3

EARLY RELEASE on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1!!! 12:00 for Intermediate!

Reading: This week will be an independent work center week, reviewing the following skills taught so far: 3.13A identify the details or facts that support the main idea, 3.8A Summary and Sequence, 3.13D  Non fiction text features, Fig 19 D Inference and 3.4 Prefix and Suffix

Reading HW: Reading log filled out for 3 days, SKIP one day. NEW VOCABULARY words come home Monday. 

Language Arts: Sentence Surgery: fixing sentences from feeling “ill” to feeling “great”!

Language Arts HW: spelling words (from last Monday) test on Thursday and Friday.

Social Studies: EXPLORERS projects begin! Students will research a famous explorer (land, sea, air and space) and present research to the class!

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