Learning Goals for Oct. 23-27

It’s almost the end of October! WOW! Here are our learning goals for this week:

Reading: Students will Identify main idea in a passage, using facts and details to support main idea. Students will use graphics in text to support thinking (ex: photographs, charts, graphs, captions, etc.)

Reading HW-new HW log comes home on Monday. Remember-3 nights a week, your choice of nights (this is for Reading and Math.) Parents write down what was used. Turn in on Fridays. Vocabulary test is Thursday/Friday. Vocabulary words are on www.quizlet.com/williamskwoisd for practice tests and games.

Language Arts: Students will begin using the Writing Process (brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing and publishing) and writing a composition. 

NEW SPELLING COMES HOME THIS WEEK! Test will be on Nov. 3. The words are ready for studying on www.spellingcity.com/williamskwoisd

Social Studies: Students will practice real words scenarios with money. 

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