Learning Goals September 16-20

We are learning some amazing things this week! Please read all the way to the bottom for important information!

Reading: Our focus book this week is “Moon Cakes”. This wonderful folktale is going to be one of our favorites! We will learn the following vocabulary to go with it: ( 3.1C,D,E; 3.3;; 3.9A; 3.8A,B,C; 3.7C,D; 3.10A,B)

We will make this anchor chart to learn the different types of Folktales. We will continue this study for the next couple weeks.

We will have a test on Friday over these words. We also have the following high frequency words: everything, against, circle, beautiful, important, teacher, dream, simple, deep, outside. There will be a quick check on Friday over these words as well.

Language Arts: Our spelling patterns this week are: (3.9Di, ii; 3.11A,Diii, vii, x,xi; 3.2ii)

beginning sounds: bl_,cl_, cr_

Ending sounds: _sh, _st, _ck, _nk

Vowels: short

Social Studies: We are still continuing our landforms learning. This week, students will make a digital poster in Google Classroom. (TEKS 3.4, 3.5)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Picture Day is Thursday, Sept. 19! Forms came home last week.

Learning Goals week of Sept. 9-13

This is all the amazing things we are learning this week! We are so proud of how hard these students are working!

Reading: Focus book: In My Momma’s Kitchen by Jerdine Nolen. This book focuses on the importance of family and traditions. High frequency words for this book is: group, never, during, inside, together, everything, brother, family, funny, street, getting, best, ready, different, special, everyone, might, between and hour. Vocabulary words for this book are: melody, scrapes, dribbles, inform, burst, serenade, gestures, frantic, squirmed, blooming  and proud. Skills we are working on this week are: 3.1C,D,E; 3.3; 3.6A; 3.9D; 3.8B; 3.7C,D; 3.10D,E. These skills encompass listening and responding appropriately to a story; recognizing unknown words using context; summary; retell, inference and author’s purpose.

vocabulary practice: https://quizlet.com/_700v0x

Language Arts: Spelling patterns: Using beginning/ middle/ ending sounds, students will make words. These skills will be checked on Friday as their spelling grade. Skills we are working on: 3.9Di, ii; 3.11A,Diii, vii, x,xi; 3.2ii

Social Studies: Begin landforms projects. This will continue through Friday. Skills learned: 3.4; 3.5


Pep Rally Friday (WO vs SH)

PICTURE DAY: September 19

Remember to email, send a note or send a REMIND if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks you so much and have a great week!


Learning Goals for the week of Sept. 2-6

Reading: Our focus book is “Under the Lemon Moon”. We will learn the following vocabulary words (3.3B): perched, eased, stump, scarecrow, lugged, quiver, wobbled, rumor, content, lush, stalls, hunched. We will also practice the following high frequency words: night, under, deep, grow, father, children, circle, baby, sick and clothes. Our vocabulary and high frequency words will be graded on Friday. We are also working on the following Reading Skills: 3.1C,D and E (speaking coherently about a topic); 3.8B (characters and interactions); 3.7C,D (retelling a story and sequencing).

Language Arts: We are working with short vowel sounds (3.2Aii, iii), as well as adding beginning and ending blends (digraphs and trigraphs)  to make words. These will NOT BE TESTED this week. Our spelling tests will start next week. Be looking for a letter about our spelling for this year in 3rd grade!

Social Studies: We are starting one of my favorite skills: LANDFORMS! We will research, learn and create a landform project. Landform vocabulary is: mountain, hill, cliff, mesa, cave, delta, canyon, idland, lake, river, ocean,plain and valley. I can’t wait to see what these kiddos come up with!


Sept. 6: PEP RALLY and Friday Fun clubs.

Sept. 19: Picture Day! more info to come home later.

Learning Goals for Aug. 26-30

This week in our class, we are working on the following skills:

Reading: We are reading Sophie’s Masterpiece, as our focus book. We will work on these high frequency words: young, problem, work, baby, first, window, beautiful, money, thought, and wanted. We will work on these vocabulary words from the story: boarding house, ordinary, dull, wondrous, playmate and wearily. Our nonfiction story this week is Meerkat Day. We will learn new nonfiction text features with this text. Our Reading TEKS for this week are: 3.1C,D,E; 3.2C; 3.6A,B,C,F; 3.8A,B,C; 3.10A,E. These TEKS cover: theme, inference, vocabulary, making connections and author’s purpose.

If you would like to study these words, here is a link to a study set on Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_6xytex

Language Arts: We are working on subject/verb agreement in writing. We are also continuing our review of nouns, verbs, adjectives and punctuation. We will practice this with responding to our focus story. We will also practice our short vowel sounds as our spelling pattern for this week. Our TEKS are 3.9Di, ii and 3.11A,Diii, vii, x,xi.

Social Studies: We will continue with map skills and location. Our TEKS are 3.4 and 3.5.

Important information:

Parents can begin eating with students on September 9.

First Pep Rally is this Friday at 3:00. Students can be picked up starting at 2:30, from our gym. Please send a note if your child will be attending the pep rally.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Students


Primary parents will no longer be allowed to pull students from the walkout line during dismissal. All students will be dismissed from the gym beginning with bus riders FIRST. All other students will be dismissed after all buses have left the circle. They will be walked out and parents may then take their child.

Reminder: All intermediate students who walk home will get on the last bus and ride to the Middle School where they will be dismissed to walk home. This will provide a safer route as they will use the crosswalk and have the traffic controlled by the school crossing guard. Intermediate parents may not park and walk in to pick up students at the end of the day. Parents should use the car pickup line following the procedures shown below.

Even though we have very organized and specific procedures in place for dismissal and student pick-up, intermediate parents need to be mindful that there are 18 classes of primary students who will be dismissing only twenty minutes prior to intermediate dismissal. Many of these students have never been to school and this will result in congestion for about the first week of school. Bus drivers will be delivering new students to new addresses. The buses will be later arriving back to pick up our intermediate students. This will also result in your students arriving home a little later than usual the first week.


We want our parents informed and prepared for intermediate pickup, and each parent needs to become familiar with the TWO dismissal procedures that will be followed throughout the year. The video below illustrates and states the procedures that students and their parents will follow at the end of each day. If everyone will review and know these procedures, we are confident that we can keep our students, your children, safe.


Welcome to 3rd grade!

Hello! It’s the start of another great year at White Oak Intermediate! We are going to have a wonderful time learning together! We are a FAMILY and we take care of each other, support and encourage each other! I can’t wait to see everyone at Meet the Teacher!

Please keep checking this blog for any important information. I will update as soon as I get more information!