Learning Goals for Nov. 8-12

Happy November everyone! Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time!

In Reading this week, we begin review and application of FICTION genre, using data from previous data collection . Review will be in the form of Read-Alouds, task cards and group work. Independent practice will take place on Thursday and Friday. These are the TEKS we will be reviewing and practicing:

3.8(A) infer the theme of a work, distinguishing theme from topic

3.8(B) explain the relationships among the major and minor characters

3.8(C) analyze plot elements, including the sequence of events, the conflict, and the resolution

3.8(D) explain the influence of the setting on the plot

3.10(A) explain the author’s purpose and message within a text

Language Arts: We are working on the writing process (3.11A-E).

Social Studies: Veterans’ Day and State and Local Government


Happy Short School Week! We are continuing with main idea this week.

READING: We will have our MAIN IDEA BOOT CAMP to enforce this skill to a mastery level. There will be lots of group and independent practice, as well as time to share. ( 3.5A (self-selected text), 3.6 A-I, 3.9D (genre); 3.9Di,ii,iii;, 3.10A-G). We will NOT have a vocabulary grade, due to a short week.

Writing/Language Arts: We’re continuing mastering parts of speech, as used to enhance our writing. We will begin the writing process to write an expository text, using research from facts4me.com NO SPELLING TEST DUE TO A SHORT WEEK. (3.11Di-xi, 3.2Biii, 3.11A)

Social Studies: Our study of state and local governments begins! The student is expected to:(A)describe the basic structure of government in the local community, state, and nation;(B)identify local, state, and national government officials and explain how they are chosen. (3.9A,B)


This Month:

  • Monday, October 18, School Holiday.
  • Tuesday, October 19, Begin 2nd Nine Weeks.
  • Thursday, October 21-Friday, October 29, Elementary Book Fair
  • Wednesday, October 27, Early Release/PLC day.
  • RED RIBBON WEEK: Oct. 25-29

Learning Goals week of October 11-15

Happy Middle of October!

Reading: This week, we are continuing our work on nonfiction. We are focusing on main idea and supporting details. We will have a vocabulary test on our academic vocabulary that came home last week. You can practice this at https://quizlet.com/_8pdile?x=1jqt&i=jsy18.

Writing: We are working on spelling multi-syllabic words. The words came home last week. You can practice these words here: https://www.spellingcity.com/users/williamskwoisd   

Social Studies: We will continue to study land forms and prepare to teach the class about our chosen land form.

The 1st Nine weeks end this Friday. Monday, October 18 is a SCHOOL HOLIDAY. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Learning Goals for September 20-24

Hello all! September is almost over and FALL IS COMING! We are still working hard in Room 200! Our goals for this week are:

Reading: We will be studying Patricia Pollaco. We will continue characterization, including character motives, feelings, internal and external traits and changes. Characterization is one of the most important skills we learn in 3rd grade! We spend lots of time with this skill (3.8B,C).

Writing: We are continuing with parts of speech. These are crucial for writing successful stories later. We will have a parts of speech quiz this week. (3.11D iv, v; 3.2Biii, 3.11D)

Social Studies: We will focus on HOW we are good citizens by giving examples of what good citizens do. (3.11 A,B,C)


Learning Goals for Sept. 13-17

Hello everyone and happy Homecoming Week! We are going to have a wonderful week!

Reading: We are continuing working with Realistic Fiction, as well as characters and the changes they undergo in a story. Our academic vocabulary this week is: character, internal and external traits, character changes; feelings, dialogue, thoughts, behavior and motive. (3.3A,B; 3.4 ; 3.5; 3.6 C,E,G,I; 3.7B,D).

Reading homework goes home today. Please email if you have any questions!

Writing/ Language Arts: We are continuing our work with parts of speech and how these parts improve our writing. Our focus this week will be on contractions (contractions with not, all, would, are, have), as well as singular, plural, common, and proper nouns. (3.11D iv, v; 3.2Biii; 3.11D).

Social Studies: The History of White Oak (3.2B)

Important Dates to remember:
PICTURE DAY: September 16

HOMECOMING: September 17-please see link for information



Learning Goals for Aug. 30-Sept. 3

Hello all!

Reading: This week we will be going deeper into types of fiction and fiction story elements. We are also beginning ABC order to the 3rd and 4th letter. We will learn story vocabulary from our stories this week.

Writing: We are continuing work on the 4 types of sentences, as well as reviewing nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Social Studies: Me on the Map-city


Learning Goals for August 23-27

Hello all! It was a busy first week and we are headed into our second week, ready to work! This week we will:

Reading: We’re continuing with Fiction work. We are still reviewing the difference between fiction and nonfiction, as well as reviewing the characteristics of fiction (character, setting, problem/solution, and theme). TEKS for fiction work are: 3.1C,D,E; 3.6A,B,C,F; 3.8A,B,C; 3.10A,E. We will read Sophie’s Masterpiece and Under the Lemon Moon as our Read Alouds. We are also continuing to work on open and closed syllable work, which will make our spelling test this week.

Writing: We are still reviewing grammar rules: Grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives review (anchor chart: review parts of speech. Students will add to interactive notebook and use post it notes to add to chart). We are also practicing with the  types of sentences: interrogative, exclamatory, imperative and declarative, as well as the punctuation that goes with these. (3.2Bi)

SPELLING TEST ON FRIDAY: We will take our test, showing how we segment words into syllables and labeling the syllables.

Social Studies: We are working with Me on the Map.(3.2; 3.5 ABCD Maps)

Important Information:

*STUDENTS still need a water bottle each day.

*Pep Rally Friday! Students must have a filled out pep rally note by Friday!