Learning Goals for 10-15 to 10-18

This week, we will be reviewing the skills we have learned this first nine weeks. Your children have been working so hard and have already learned a lot! We will not have a spelling or vocabulary test, due to NO SCHOOL FRIDAY for students!

READING: We will review the following skills: Sequence, Summarize (BME strategy), Plot elements (most important event), Main Idea (with supporting details) and Author’s Purpose (PIEe). Please email me if you have any questions about any of these standards!

READING Homework: Please continue to fill out the DALLAS STARS reading log! I can’t wait to see how many minutes we all read!

Writing: Using the writing process (3.17ABCDE), students will write either a Fall or Halloween themed story. 

Social Studies: Students will learn about a Famous Explorer and make a GOOGLE SLIDE about this explorer. 


FRIDAY: Student Holiday; End of First Nine Weeks Grading Period

RED RIBBON WEEK: Oct. 22-26. Information on theme days coming home Monday (10-15)

Learning Goals for week of Sept. 24-28

Hello all and happy “Fall” ya’ll! I know I am thankful for the rain this weekend! We have so much great learning going on this week! We will also be reviewing our Reading Common Assessment, which will be coming home soon! 

Reading: This week, students will learn about Main Idea (3.13A) and Point of View (3.8C). We will continue to review the following skills: summary, sequence, prefix, suffix, root (base) words and dictionary skills.

Reading homework: read 20 minutes each day. Remember, restaurant menus, cereal boxes, street signs, closed captioning on the TV, flash cards, a book of your child’s choosing, etc. Anything of those will count for reading minutes! I want our kiddos to know that reading is EVERYWHERE!

Writing/Language Arts: We will begin adding to and expanding to sentences. We will continue to review nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions. WE START SPELLING THIS WEEK!

Spelling words: COMPOUND WORDS- Words come home Monday, test Friday. 

Social Studies: Famous Americans/Explorers/Inventors: Students will continue making a Google Slideshow about their Famous American. Students will present their learning to the class.

IMPORTANT DATES COMING: Please watch for information for events during the week of October 1-5! GO NECKS!

3rd grade is starting a fluency army! Please watch for a note about joining our army!!!

EARLY RELEASE WEDNESDAY AT 12:00 for Intermediate! 

Learning Goals for week of Sept. 17-21

Hello all and happy Monday! Can you believe it’s the middle of September? Holy moly, it’s going fast already! This is what your kiddos will be learning in Reading this week:

Reading: 3.4 A, B, E-Students will find meanings of unknown words, using prefixes, suffixes and root words. Test on Friday. Students will also begin using a dictionary to alphabetize words to the third letter. 3.11-Students will read for a sustained amount of time (building stamina). Students will take their first reading common assessment also.

Writing: 3.22 B, C- Students will create and edit sentences, focusing on subject/verb agreement. 

Social Studies: Project-Based Learning about EXCELLENCE IN WHITE OAK SCHOOLS!


PICTURES ARE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20! Notes went home last week!

MATH LOG is due Friday. Please make sure AN ADULT SIGNS IT!


Landforms projects!

I couldn’t wait to share these AMAZING projects that our classes did! Mrs. Tatum and I are VERY impressed with the work the students did and responsibility that they showed! THANK YOU SO MUCH because teaching those two skills starts at home!

Students used and found information on www.facts4me.com.

Learning Goals for September 4-7

This week we are learning:

Reading: Students will learn how to summarize and sequence grade-level appropriate text. Students will also review story elements, as well as elements of fiction. 

Writing: Students will continue to learn and review conventions of grammar, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. 

Social Studies: Students will learn about their community, as well as review landforms.


Pep Rally Friday! Please remember to write a note for your child, if you will be picking them up for the Pep Rally.

PARENT ORIENTATION: Monday, September 10 at 5:30-6:30. Please make plans to attend!


Please join Mrs. Tatum’s and my REMIND to keep informed of all the happenings in our classrooms! 

Mrs. Tatum: text @81010 and type a29a484

Mrs. Williams text 81010, then type @44ffgc as the message.

Please let us know if you can’t get signed up!

We will use this often, A LOT! We like to keep everyone over-informed! Thank you so much!